Our partners

In partnership with the NGO RADION International, Health Expeditions International (HealthEx) is organizing “Project Phetchabun” for the second year running.
Essentially, HealthEx is student run, and comprises of medical students from UK and Ireland, which aims to provide a first hand experience of the plight that most people are not exposed to in Singapore, and instill compassion in these future doctors.
RADION a humanitarian organisation aids the sidelined and needy communities in Thailand, including the Hmong community, our target group. Access to basic education and healthcare is limited for them, and “Project Phetchabun” aims to target these problems specifically.
Our partners include National Youth Council (NYC) and Youth Expedition Project (YEP). NYC provides a safe platform for youths to explore and develop personal goals and loyalty to their homeland, Singapore. It strives towards helping youths achieve confidence and perseverance, and creating a lively and compassionate society. YEP encourages youths to collaborate with recognised organisations for overseas Service-Learning Projects that serve communities in ASEAN, India, China and Singapore. With their support, “Project Phetchabun” is able to be followed through until the end.