Our goals


Short-term goals:

1. Providing primary prevention of illness

We hope to bring primary and secondary prevention healthcare to the Hmong community. This would consist of education sessions as well as health screening.

2. Enabling greater access to healthcare

As access to healthcare is limited, we aim to bring the needed medical care to their doorstep by having a mobile clinic and doctors present. We hope to offer basic medical treatments as well as referrals to hospitals where needed.

3. Building trust among the Hmong people

We hope to achieve this in 3 ways – conducting mobile clinics and relieving the villagers of their current illness, conducting mass distributions of supplies and home visitations.


Long-term goals

1. Development of a long term education and healthcare plan

This will include healthcare monitoring and evaluating the impacts of our services in the community. This will ensure the work we do will benefit the community not only on a yearly basis when these expeditions are conducted, but as a whole project spanning many years.

2. Linking up and working with various healthcare teams in Phetchabun

There are many healthcare teams that are either already working with or interested in working with RADION International to serve the people of Phetchabun. We are currently in touch with teams such as the NUS Nursing Alumni’s Project Light team, which has conducted 2 expeditions in Phetchabun, and a group of dentists interested in expanding the healthcare services available to include dental work.

3. Implementation of a health record system

At the moment, there is no form of identification among the Hmong people living in the area. As we eventually aim to immunise villagers against preventable diseases, implementing a health record system is crucial. For the 2016 trip, we aim to at least have a record system for “red flag” patients who are in need of follow-ups.