We Are Project Phetchabun

Project Phetchabun is a medical expedition taking place from the 18th to 27th July 2017, solely run by a group of medical students from different universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Working in collaboration with RADION International, a Christian relief and developmental agency dedicated to serving the most vulnerable and marginalised communities, we embarked on a 6 month journey. Through HealthEx International, the team was formed, consisting of medical students and 2 doctors, working together with the RADION staff to reach out to the Hmong Tribe in Phetchabun, Thailand.

Background Handmade Paper Fund Watercolour

The Hmong Hill Tribe is the second largest hill tribe in Thailand. The Hmong people face difficulties, like their lack of accessibility to healthcare facilities. Many are unaware of basic hygiene and sanitation habits, resulting in undiagnosed chronic diseases, where some may even be easily treatable if discovered early. Poverty and unemployment are prevalent, and social problems such as domestic violence and drug abuse are rampant. At present, 30,000 of them live in various villages clustered around the region of Phetchabun.

We seek to provide primary prevention of illnesses through door-to-door outreach, setting up of mobile clinics, providing health screening and education for the children and the elderly of the Khek Noi village. Together, we hope to develop a long-term plan for the Hmong people, making a difference where we can.